The Colors Of Summer

Back Road Journal

Towards to end of summer, the gardens at our cottage are a blaze of color. You might say it is their last hurrah. The vegetable garden is just coming into its’ prime with ripening tomatoes and large basil plants whose leaves are just waiting to be made into pesto. Birds are picking at the Rudbeckia and bees are slipping into the Monkshood looking for pollen.

A walk through the yard is so pleasant in the morning or early evening to enjoy the flowers but I can start to see a change. The once bright blossoms from several weeks ago are starting to fade a little but are still lovely. Seasons in Maine are short and before long the cool, crisp days of fall will be arriving. I feel like a child getting ready to go back to school and not wanting the beautiful days of summer to be over.

Many hours…

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Rustic Blackberry Cherry Galette

Cooking In Red Socks

A galette is a traditional French dessert that might be the inspiration for the All American Pie. It is a fruit filled dessert that has the crust wrapped around and pinched together in a rustic fashion. I think it’s a great alternative to a traditional pie because you cut the amount of crust (and thus butter, fat, and carbs) in half. Making the crust with whole wheat flour emphasizes the health benefits of a galette and enhances a rustic texture. It’s also a little thinner than a pie and makes a lighter dessert for summer. A galette is good all throughout the year, and these summer fruit options can be substituted for apples in the fall, strawberries in the spring, and even tomatoes and cheese for a savory option. It can be made ahead and served chilled or at room temperature, sliced warm out of the oven and served a…

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Montreal Pt. 1: Osheaga

Bea's Bites

Over the long weekend my family and I took a roadtrip to Montreal. My sister and I went mainly for the Osheaga, a music festival, but we still got in some good family time (and my parents enjoyed exploring Montreal on their own too). It was both a food- and music-filled experience.

I will have to write about the food in a separate post, but here’s a snap of a homemade snickerdoodle for the ride.

This was my first outdoor musical festival and I loved it. Seeing so many awesome bands in such a short time period was fantastic. There were so many people everywhere: watching the bands, lining up for food, taking the Metro back and even just going from the different stages. Apparently there were 120,000 of us over three days.

Day 1: Of Monsters and Men, Dum Dum Girls, Atlas Sound, Florence and the Machine, Sigur…

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Random Girl sings “And I Am Telling You”


This is a must watch video. Check out how this random girl sings.

Talent is indeed abundant in the Philippines. Watch and listen to this random girl sing “And I Am Telling You” in a random stall at SM Megamall. This girl’s raw talent blew me away. Hats off to you, who ever you are!

What do you guys think about her? Share your thoughts.

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I recommend the cabbage roll

Miss Four Eyes

For my friend Tiger’s birthday we went to a fancy-shmancy restaurant where we got dressed up in little clothes and sipped cosmopolitans with our pinkies in the air. We also got to say Salaads. Emphasis on the ad part not the sa.

I even ate a Nappa Cabbage roll despite the fact that it looked like this:

I tried to cut it in half delicately like the poised and graceful lady that I am, but it just wouldn’t cut! So then I tried to bite it, but it wouldn’t break off and started dripping down my chin. My friend started laughing, so I put the whole thing my mouth before anyone else noticed. Bad idea! I could barely chew it. And the worst part is, it tasted like cabbage. But Four Eyes, you’re saying, you said that it was a Nappa Cabbage roll. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it should…

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What the heliconia?

Images by T.Dashfield

Heliconia, derived from the Greek word helikonios, is a genus of about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. Many species of Heliconia are found in rainforests or tropical wet forests of these regions. Common names for the genus include lobster-claws, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise. The last term refers to their close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers (Strelitzia). Collectively, these plants are also simply referred to as heliconias.  (Wikipedia)

When we were in Grand Cayman one of the many things on our to do list was to visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park.  Beautiful and exotic plants, flowers, animals and trees many of which I had never seen before were just waiting for me to photograph like these heliconias for one.   I’m not positive but I…

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eat me like candyy

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